Batman: Arkham Asylum (Dec 11, 2007 Prototype)

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Title Screen
Batman: Arkham Asylum (Dec 11, 2007 Prototype)
Build date Dec 11, 2007
Build name BVT=2007-11-01_20.21
Dump status Released
Origin HDD
Files 2007.12.11_ManyBadFiles_X360
Game Batman: Arkham Asylum
System Xbox 360
Genre Action-adventure
Release date WW August 25, 2009
Download Batman: Arkham Asylum (Dec 11, 2007 Prototype) (info)
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A 2007 build of Batman: Arkham Asylum for Xbox 360.


The Cutting Room Floor research
  • Files were recovered from a corrupted hard drive.
  • Game cannot be booted in it's current state however models (using Umodel) and a few .bik cutscenes can be extracted and viewed.
  • At this point, the game was going to be more focused on the detective elements of Batman, including more in depth investigations around the Asylum.
  • This is inferred from the Mission Objective scripts that can be found in the game files.

Audio recovered and restored by Back2Life can be listened to here: File:Batman Arkham Asylum December 2007 Prototype Audio Files.7z There are 667 audio files that have been recovered and can be listened to. These are nearly all placeholder dialogue and voice lines presumably recorded by Rocksteady staff members.