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Do not upload:

  • any prototypes for the current generation. No Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Wii U, or Switch prototypes allowed.
  • any prototypes for games currently in development.
  • any prototypes of games released in the past 10 years.
  • any prototypes of first party games developed by Nintendo or Microsoft
  • any prototypes from known illegal sources, such as hacking, unauthorized downloads, etc. Only prototypes originating from physical media are allowed
  • any source code less than 20 years old or otherwise commercially viable. Source code must be scrubbed of personal information before being uploaded to the site

It is fine to write articles about these, but it is not allowed to upload prototypes of them. Any violations will be removed.

Admins can make exceptions to these rules in individual cases. If you believe you have an exception, DM an admin on Discord.

Video information
Page name
The official date of this tape, if available.
Preferable date formats: Dec 31, 1999 23:59:59 or Dec 31, 1999 or Dec 1999, depending on available information.
The preservation status of this video, whether it is released publicly and whether it is preserved by being transferred or not.
Transferred by:
The person who physically transferred the video.
Released by:
The group who released the video. If more than one person is behind this release, enter the names in a comma separated list.
File release date:
The date the file was released.
Video origin
Type of medium this prototype originated from (VHS tape, film reel, etc.)
The labels on the original medium, if any.
The original file name(s), if the prototype originated from a file or multiple files.
Transfer method:
The method(s) used to transfer the video.
Past and present owners (along with dates of ownership).
The original lot this video came from, if it came from a lot of multiple items.
Game information
The game this prototype is of. If there are many spellings of a name, use the one Wikipedia uses. Separate multiple games by a semicolon (e.g. Sonic the Hedgehog;Sonic the Hedgehog 2)
The system this particular prototype is for.
The game genre. Use the one Wikipedia uses (use the list [here]).
Final build date:
The build date(s) of the final version(s) of the game, if available.
Example: {{RegionDate|JP|Aug 6, 1993}} {{RegionDate|EU|Aug 27, 1993}} {{RegionDate|US|Oct 12, 1993}}
Final release date:
The release date(s) of the final version(s) of the game, if available.
Example: {{RegionDate|JP|Dec 20, 1991}} {{RegionDate|US|1992}} {{RegionDate|EU|Unreleased}}
Check if the game was unreleased in all regions.
Do not check if a final release date is provided above.


A brief summary of the video. Put analytical statements about the contents of the prototype in the "Notes" section below.

Youtube embed

Paste the YouTube link below.

File for download

Upload an archive (.zip preferred for ROMs, .7z/.rar for disc images) of the prototype, if applicable. Please keep the file name consistent with the article page title, if possible.

External Mirror Link

If you have this archive uploaded to an external mirror, post the link here. Avoid linking directly to the file unless you have permission from the website owner.


A bullet list of miscellaneous notes on the video, such as differences from other versions, any additional context or anything of note, really.


A gallery of screenshots. Go here to upload screenshots. Please take raw, unmodified screenshots with the correct, original resolution.


A section on the details of the original medium. Photographs of VHS tapes, film reels, etc.
To create a packed image gallery, use "<gallery mode=packed></gallery>".

Video metadata

Use ffmpeg -i for this.


A shoutout section to people who helped with this particular release.

See also

A bullet list of links to other wiki pages, as well as external links to stuff relevant to this prototype.


A footer that goes on the bottom of the page. Use for things such as nav boxes. Leave blank if you're unsure.
To create a navbox, use "{{Navbox prototype|Game name}}"