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The Hidden Palace is a community that started in 2006 as a small group of people dedicated to the preservation of video game development material and samples for obsolete systems with the help of various people. Over the years, we have acquired many development materials that would have otherwise gone lost or destroyed due to time. These materials range from prototype game builds, prototype hardware, source code, artwork, design documents, original development files/discs, material that was cut from finished products, and more. We have archived over 1000 development builds for various video game systems.

Why is Data Archival Important?

Even when the physical media appears to have been preserved, the data can disappear if not backed up properly. The data that is stored on physical media can become lost, damaged, or destroyed for various reasons. As such, it is crucial to preserve any media whenever possible.

Why Hidden Palace?

At Hidden Palace, we put a strong emphasis on the preservation of digital data. Hidden Palace provides a place for individuals not directly related to the video game industry to contribute information.


  1. To archive, preserve, and prevent the loss of historic video game material (including, but not limited to artwork, development builds, source code and historical data).
  2. To catalog, manage and research contributions in a centralized location.
  3. To inform and share (when possible) our contributions as well as the contributions of others.
  4. To allow others to participate in discussion and to make contributions.
  5. To provide other individuals a venue for sharing information.
  6. To network with other communities in the effort to strengthen the goals listed above.