Batman: Arkham Asylum (prototype)

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Title Screen
Batman: Arkham Asylum (prototype)
Dump status Released
Dumped by Robin64
Released by Robin64
File release date December 7, 2020
Files Batman AA.nds
Ownership Robin64 (2019-present)
Game Batman: Arkham Asylum
System Nintendo DS
Genre Action-adventure
Release date Unreleased
Download Batman: Arkham Asylum (prototype) (info)
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An early prototype of the unreleased Batman: Arkham Asylum for the Nintendo DS, by Full Fat. It was to be published by Eidos Interactive.

This version has a build date of 2007.


  • This prototype only has two levels - a rooftop and the library.
  • The music used for this build is almost certainly a placeholder, the track is Largo from Violin Concerto "Spring / La Primavera" in E major, Op. 8 No. 1 - Vivaldi. The track in game appears to be slowed down to around 0.75 the speed of the original composition.