Video/PaRappa the Rapper/Test Opening Animation 1995

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PaRappa the Rapper · Test Opening Animation 1995
Status Released
Transferred by Tanks
Released by Rodney Alan Greenblat
File release date April 27, 2022
Media VHS tape
Ownership Rodney Alan Greenblat
Game PaRappa the Rapper
System PlayStation
Genre Rhythm
Final build JP Sep 27, 1996
EU Aug 23, 1997
US Sep 1, 1997
Release date JP Dec 6, 1996
EU Sep 26, 1997
US Oct 31, 1997

A very early animation test of the game's opening cutscene sent to Rodney Greenblat from Matsaya Matsuura's team in December of 1995.


  • Opens with a holiday greeting from Matsaya Matsuura.
  • No music, all dialogue is provided by Ryu Watabe.
  • PaRappa's design is not yet finalized and uses a placeholder character.
  • PJ Berri and Sunny Funny's proportions and features slightly differ from the final game, while Katy Kat sports a completely different outfit.