PaRappa the Rapper (Sep 24, 1996 prototype)

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Title Screen
PaRappa the Rapper (Sep 24, 1996 prototype)
Build date Sep 24, 1996
Dump status Released
Dumped by Mementomori
Released by Mementomori
File release date June 29, 2021
Origin CD-R
Ownership mementomori (2021-2022), Vindico (Present)
Game PaRappa the Rapper
System PlayStation
Genre Rhythm
Final build JP Sep 27, 1996
EU Aug 23, 1997
US Sep 1, 1997
Release date JP Dec 6, 1996
EU Sep 26, 1997
US Oct 31, 1997
Download PaRappa the Rapper (Sep 24, 1996 prototype) (info)
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Download PaRappa the Rapper (Sep 24, 1996 prototype) from external mirror

A prototype of PaRappa the Rapper for the Sony PlayStation.


The Cutting Room Floor research

General Differences

  • Executable file is dated three days before NTSC-J final's EXE of September 27, 1996.
  • The executable file is named PRR.BIN instead of SCPS_180.02. This appears to differ from the final build but at this time it is unsure in what ways.
  • Stage 7's audio file, STAGE7.XA1 apparently differs from final, however the differences are trivial/unnoticeable. This also applies to Stage 3's FMV. These may need further investigating, but the files in the final build could just be simple re-renders or exports.
  • S8/XMOVIE8.STR, the end credits of the game, includes a credits sequence that differ from the final build slightly. A couple of examples include "P.Fleaswallow" being referred to as "P.Freaswallow" and Joe Chin's last name being lowercased.
  • Every scene's COMOD(X).BIN file differs from the final build. These are overlay files which contain the scene's unique code as well as subtitles, and seem to contain more debug code than the final files. The English dialogue appear to match the final NTSC-J release, unsure of Japanese dialogue.

Gameplay Differences

  • It is possible to spam button inputs and consistently successfully obtain points. This allows you to complete the game with considerably more ease than the final version.
  • Sometimes, you will not fail the song when you reach "AWFUL".




  • Special thanks to Hwd45 for assisting with the initial research for the build.