PaRappa the Rapper (Apr 16, 2007 prototype)

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Title Screen
PaRappa the Rapper (Apr 16, 2007 prototype)
Build date Apr 16, 2007 14:46:08
Build name Ver .20
Dump status Released
Dumped by Kuriatsu
Released by Madmarsrocks
File release date February 26, 2020
Origin UMD
Game PaRappa the Rapper
System PlayStation Portable
Genre Rhythm
Final build JP Oct 26, 2006
US May 22, 2007
EU May 7, 2007
Release date JP Dec 7, 2006
US Jul 17, 2007
EU Jul 6, 2007
Download PaRappa the Rapper (Apr 16, 2007 prototype) (info)
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A localization prototype of PaRappa the Rapper for the Sony PlayStation Portable.


Special thanks goes out to Kuriatsu, who dumped the disc and approved this release.

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