Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne (May 13, 2003 prototype)

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Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne (May 13, 2003 prototype)
Build date May 13, 2003
Build name v5520
Dump status Released
Released by BlizzardArchive
File release date July 9, 2013
Game Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
System PC
Genre RTS
Final build EU May 21, 2003
US JP May 18, 2003
CN May 28, 2003
IT DE FR ES May 22, 2003
RU May 23, 2003
Release date WW July 1, 2003
JP Feb 27, 2004
Download Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne (May 13, 2003 prototype) (info)
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A prototype of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne for the PC.



  • Adrenaline, Rice Fields, Bridge Too Near, and Turtle Rock have been updated with improved item balance, creep balance, and creep placement.
  • Tranquil Paths has been added to the beta. Its key difference from the Classic version is that it has random creeps. For the most part, creep camps are of the same power and type of capabilities (with slight differences), though some vary radically.
  • A significant number of new maps have been added: Floodplains (1v1 version), Jungle Fever, Avalanche, Twisted Meadows, Paradise Islands, The Two Rivers, and Desert Strife. The final four of these are map contest winners.
  • 1v1 template changes: Hailstone, Ice Flow, Whirlwind and Floodplains removed; Floodplains (1v1 version), Twisted Meadows, Desert Strife, The Two Rivers, Tranquil Paths added.
  • 2v2 template changes: Tanaris, Islands, Plains of Snow removed; Jungle Fever, Paradise Islands, Avalanche added.

Changes to Neutral Buildings, Units and Heroes:

  • Forked lightning damage reduced to 85/160/250 from 100/175/250.
  • Tornado now deals 7 damage a second to buildings in its general vicinity (down from 10), and 50 damage to buildings it is over (down from 80) and costs 250 mana to cast, up from 150.
  • Silence area of effect increased from 150/250/350 to 200/275/350.

Item Changes:

  • Scroll of Restoration is now a level 5 item instead of a level 6 item.

Undead Changes:

  • Crypt Fiend damage reduced from 28-33 to 26-31.
  • Burrowed Crypt Fiends now heal 5 hp/sec down from 10 hp/sec.
  • Rod of Necromancy cooldown increased from 15 to 22.
  • Ghoul hitpoints upgraded to 340 from 330.
  • Carrion Swarm max damage reduced to 300/600/1000 from 375/700/1000 and damage per target reduced to 75/125/200 from 100/150/200.
  • Impale Area of Effect width reduced to 250 from 300.
  • Obsidian Statue hitpoints reduced to 700 from 800.

Human Changes:

  • Spell Breaker hitpoints reduced to 600 from 650.
  • Scroll of Regeneration now heals 225 hitpoints over its 45 second duration, up from 150 hitpoints.
  • Thunderclap damage reduced to 60/100/140 from 70/110/150.

Night Elf Changes:

  • Archer hitpoints reduced to 300 from 310.
  • Hippogryph Rider hitpoints decreased to 825 from 835.
  • Entangle duration vs heroes reduced to 3/4/5 from 3/5/7.
  • Chimaera splash increments reduced by 50 for quarter, 25 for half. This effectively means that Chimaeras will do less splash damage than previously.
  • Mana Flare has had a bug fixed that was preventing multiple mana flares from attacking multiple targets at the same time. As a result, Mana Flare has been rebalanced, and deals up to 90 damage to targets in a 250 area when a unit casts a spell, down from 125 damage.
  • Fan of Knives maximum damage reduced to 275/575/950 from 350/675/950, and damage per target reduced to 70/115/180 from 90/135/180.
  • Dryad damage increased from 15-17 to 16-18.

Orc Changes:

  • Catapult damage reduced from 82-102 to 76-94
  • Kodo Beasts are now unarmored.
  • Ensnare duration increased to 15 from 12, and range increased to 500 from 400.
  • Raiders now have a base armor of 1, up from 0.
  • Shockwave area of effect width reduced to 250 from 300.
  • Chain Lightning base damage reduced to 85/125/180 from 100/140/180.
  • Tauren Chieftan speed increased to 270 from 250.


  • Town Portal now takes 5 seconds to activate, up from 3.
  • Units killed in a transport will "spill out" over a wider area. This means that surrounding a webbed transport and killing it will generally not kill the passengers.
  • Tavern instant revive costs three times more lumber than previously.
  • Heroes revived at the tavern now are brought back to life with 0 mana and 50% health.