Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne (Apr 24, 2003 prototype)

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Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne (Apr 24, 2003 prototype)
Build date Apr 24, 2003
Build name v5392
Dump status Released
Released by BlizzardArchive
File release date July 9, 2013
Game Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
System PC
Genre RTS
Final build EU May 21, 2003
US JP May 18, 2003
CN May 28, 2003
IT DE FR ES May 22, 2003
RU May 23, 2003
Release date WW July 1, 2003
JP Feb 27, 2004
Download Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne (Apr 24, 2003 prototype) (info)
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A prototype of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne for the PC.


Map Additions:

  • Adrenaline has been revamped for the expansion and has been added to the 1 on 1 template.
  • Scorched Basin has been added to the 1 on 1 template.
  • A new map, Floodplains, has been added to the 1 on 1 and 2 on 2 templates.
  • Another new map, Mur'gul Oasis, has been added to the 2 on 2 template.
  • Plains of Snow, has been added to the 2 on 2 template.

Changes to Neutral Buildings, Units and Heroes:

  • Stampede area of effect increased to once again be 1000, up from 500.
  • Tornado tosses units into the air much more often than previously. With this change, Tornado is quite effective when used against armies.
  • Merc cooldowns slightly increased. Their cooldowns are now 50 seconds x Level + 10 seconds, up from 40 seconds x Level + 10 seconds.

Undead Changes:

  • Statue mana regen reduced to 1.5/sec from 3 /sec.
  • Destroyers now start with zero mana.
  • Gargoyles are now unarmored type armor instead of light armor.
  • Nerubian Tower frost duration reduced to 5 seconds, down from 10 seconds.

Human Changes:

  • Powerbuild effectiveness has been halved. It now takes 2 additional peons to double the rate of building, 4 to triple, etc. Note that the cost increase per additional peon is unchanged.
  • Flamestrike area of effect changed to 200, down from 225.
  • Spellbreaker feedback damage vs heroes reduced to 5 from 7.
  • Spellbreaker feedback no longer affects spell-immune units.
  • Spell steal mana cost increased to 60 from 50.
  • Dragon hawk damage increased to 1d3 + 18 from 1d2 + 17.

Night Elf Changes:

  • Ballistas are now 3 food, down from 4 food.
  • Ballistas gain the ability to hit trees when the Impaling Bolt upgrade is researched. Note that trees will not be harmed by follow-through damage from the Impaling Bolt. You can use the Attack Ground command to damage multiple trees.
  • Hippogryphs and Druids of the Talon in Storm Crow form are now unarmored units rather than being "light armor" units.
  • Huntresses are now unarmored and have had their stats slightly tweaked. They now deal 1d3 + 15 damage, down from 1d3 + 18 damage, and their armor has been reduced to 2 from 3.
  • Mana Flare has been upgraded. It now gives bonus armor to the Faerie Dragon casting it (while it is being cast), as well as causing splash damage when it strikes targets.

Orc Changes:

  • Hexed units once again move at speed 100 instead of speed 150.


  • The mini-map creep camp indicator now displays 3 levels of difficulty instead of 2.
  • Added support for advanced users to customize hotkeys. For further information see the CustomKeyInfo.txt file inside your Warcraft III directory.