Reich (Jun 22, 2009 prototype)

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Title Screen
Reich (Jun 22, 2009 prototype)
Build date 2009-06-22 20:52:26
Build name N/A
Dump status Released
Origin Dev Kit HDD
Game Reich
System Xbox 360
Genre Action
Final build US Unreleased
Release date US Unreleased
Release date Unreleased
Download Reich (Jun 22, 2009 prototype) (info)
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A prototype of Reich for the Xbox 360.


  • Unreleased game.
  • Original filename: Reich (2009-06-23).zip
  • Very early development of a first-person shooter with a single playable room without scores or enemies.
  • There are sound effects and background music and some german voices.
  • Settings menu options cannot be changed or are disabled.
  • It is playable with some limitation due to its early state.
  • By jumping over the walls, you can see the limits of the map and the actual size of the playing area.
  • The multiplayer options do absolutely nothing.


A huge thanks to Obscure Gamers and all who have contributed over the years to these Tera Releases!


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