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Throughout the 90s, it was very common for various groups to release ROMs on bulletin board systems (BBS). These groups (also known as the "Scene") would sometimes acquire prototypes of games before or after their release date and dump the ROMs with copiers that were available at the time. The prototypes themselves were sometimes patched with "intros" that advertise the groups that released the ROM. Groups would often go as far as to modify the ROM itself for various reasons.

 SystemArchive nameReleased byFile release dateRetail release date
Awesome Possum Kicks Dr. Machino's Butt! (Prototype)Sega Mega DriveCEN-AWPO.LZHCENSOR5 October 1993JP Dec 25, 1993
US Nov 25, 1993
Baby's Day Out (NAPALM prototype)Sega Mega DriveNPM-BDO.LZHNAPALM10 March 1995
Baby's Day Out (SNEAKERS prototype)Sega Mega DriveSNK-BABY.LZHSNEAKERS25 February 1995
Barbie: Vacation Adventure (Prototype)Sega Mega DriveNPM-BVA.LZHNAPALM16 November 1994
Beyond Oasis (Apr 1994 prototype)Sega Mega DriveSCX.THOR.LZHPROGRESS30 April 1994JP Dec 9, 1994
US Mar 15, 1995
EU Mar 1, 1995
Bobby's World (Prototype)SNESNPM-BOB.LZHNAPALM10 October 1994
Comix Zone (Apr 4, 1995 prototype)Sega Mega DriveSNK-ZONE.LZHSNEAKERS30 June 1995JP Sep 1, 1995
US 1995
EU Oct 27, 1995
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (Prototype)Sega Mega DrivePR-ROBOT.LZHPREMIERE14 October 1993US Nov 26, 1993
EU Nov 1993
Earthworm Jim 2 (SNEAKERS Prototype)SNESSNK-EWJ2.LHASNEAKERS22 September 1995US Nov 1995
EU Jan 25, 1996
Ecco: The Tides of Time (Early prototype)Sega Mega DrivePDX-ECC2.lzhPARADOX8 June 1994JP Aug 26, 1994
US Aug 25, 1994
EU Aug 27, 1994
Eternal Champions (Prototype)Sega Mega DriveSCX-ETCH.LZHSCOOPEX23 November 1993JP Feb 18, 1994
US Dec 1993
EU Jan 16, 1994
Gauntlet (CENSOR prototype)Sega Mega DriveCEN-GAUN.LZHCENSOR30 September 1993JP Sep 17, 1993
US Oct 1993
EU Sep 17, 1993
Hyper Dunk: The Playoff Edition (Prototype)Sega Mega DriveCEN-HYPD.LZHCENSOR2 February 1994JP Mar 4, 1994
US Apr 1994
EU Mar 1994
Illusion of Gaia (prototype)SNESNUM-GAIA.LZHNUMBERS19 May 1994US Sep 1, 1994
Landstalker (Feb 24, 1993 prototype)Sega Mega DriveM-LSTLK.LZHMAGICAL4 July 1996JP Oct 30, 1992
US Oct 1993
EU 1993
Lotus II: RECS (Prototype)Sega Mega DrivePR-LOTU2.LZHPREMIERE27 October 1993US Dec 1993
EU 1994
Marko's Magic Football (Prototype)Sega Mega DrivePR-MARKO.LZHPREMIERE18 May 1994US Sep 1994
EU Jul 1994
McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure (Prototype)Sega Mega DriveMCDONALD.LZHINDEPENDENT28 September 1993JP Sep 23, 1993
US Dec 1993
EU Mar 1994
Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse (Jul 1994 prototype)Sega Mega DriveSNK-MICK.LZHSNEAKERS9 August 1994US Nov 1994
EU Oct 1, 1994
Mickey's Playtown Adventure: A Day Of Discovery! (Prototype)SNESNPM-MPHA.LZHNAPALM25 January 1995
Ninja Gaiden (Mega Drive Prototype)Sega Mega DriveNJGAIDEN.LZHINDEPENDENT6 August 1992
RHI Roller Hockey '95 (Prototype)SNESsnk-rh95.lzhSNEAKERS19 April 1995
Rally: The Final Round of the World Rally Championship (Prototype)SNESSNK-RALY.LZHSNEAKERS4 May 1995
Ren & Stimpy: Stimpy's Invention (Prototype)Sega Mega DrivePR-RENST.LZHPREMIERE14 October 1993JP Unreleased
US 1993
EU Mar 1994
Run Saber (LEGEND prototype)SNESL-RSAB.LHALEGEND20 April 1993US Jun 8, 1993
EU 1993
Sonic Crackers (Apr 1, 1994 prototype)Sega Mega DriveMOR-SONC.LZHMORGOTH15 July 1995
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (CENSOR prototype)Sega Mega DriveSONIC2.LZHCENSOR9 November 1992JP Nov 21, 1992
US Nov 24, 1992
EU Nov 24, 1992
Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball (Aug 1993 prototype)Sega Mega Drive{{{origin_files}}}PREMIEREJP Dec 10, 1993
US Nov 23, 1993
EU Nov 15, 1993
Super Shadow of the Beast (Prototype)SNESPR-SSOTB.LZHPREMIERE14 September 1993
The Shadow (Prototype)SNESFU-SHAD.LHAFUCK6 March 1995
Total Football (Prototype)SNESNPM-TTFB.LZHNAPALM6 September 1995
Universal Soldier (Prototype)SNESUNVSOLDR.LZHPONG26 August 1992
Vectorman (Prototype)Sega Mega DriveSNK-VMAN.LZHSNEAKERS15 September 1995US Oct 24, 1995
EU Nov 30, 1995
Wile E's Revenge (Prototype)SNESATX-RRN2.LHAANTHROX26 July 1995
World of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck (Prototype A)Sega Mega DriveUNKNOWNMAGICALJP Nov 19, 1993
US Feb 22, 1993
EU Jun 1993