Bully: Scholarship Edition (Late Build)

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Title Screen
Bully: Scholarship Edition (Late Build)
Dump status Released
Released by chasm
File release date September 28, 2021
Origin RVT-H
Dump method rvthtool
Game Bully: Scholarship Edition
System Nintendo Wii
Genre Action-Adventure
Release date US Mar 04, 2008
Download Bully: Scholarship Edition (Late Build) (info)
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Download Bully: Scholarship Edition (Late Build) from external mirror
  • This build is seemingly very close to final, however a build date cannot be retrieved at this time. Should it be found, the title will be changed to reflect so.


The Cutting Room Floor research
  • As far as we can see, this build contains nothing of huge substance, however if you'd like to try it out and find something we haven't; please do! If nothing else, it's nice to have as part of the collection of betas, if you're into Bully!