Aeon Flux (Jun 27, 2005 prototype)

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Title Screen
Aeon Flux (Jun 27, 2005 prototype)
Build date Jun 27, 2005
Dump status Released
Dumped by Cut Into Fourteen Pieces
Released by CVLT OF OSIRIS
File release date June 30, 2019
Origin DVD-R
Dump method DiscImageCreator
Game Aeon Flux
System PlayStation 2
Genre Action-adventure
Final build US Oct 11, 2005
EU Feb 14, 2006
Release date US Nov 15, 2005
AU Mar 30, 2006
EU Mar 31, 2006
Download Aeon Flux (Jun 27, 2005 prototype) (info)
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A prototype/prerelease build of Aeon Flux for the PlayStation 2 from 2005-06-27 (about 3.5 months before the NTSC release build, almost 8 months before the PAL release build).


The disc for this prototype had it labeled a "review" build, but this is actually an early version of the game. It includes EXTENSIVE debugging features (as well as debug symbols in the game binary), alternate level names from the release build, and unfinished content.

This prototype is set up to end after the "Seeds of Doom" chapter, which is about 2/3 of the way through the release version. However, the game data files include very early, unfinished versions of two levels from later chapers ("Ms. Goodchild" and "War"), as well as numerous test areas.

Use the .pnach files included in the Patches folder in the CVLT OF OSIRIS release of this prototype to access unfinished and test areas. Two .pnach files are provided because the level-select menu only contains 18 entries. Choose one or the other at a time. The EP_SEED_UB_01.LVL, EP_MSGOODCHILD_CIT_01.LVL, and EP_WAR_NML_02.LVL levels are included in both sets to make the second set 18 entries long, and those three were chosen as they're some of the most interesting levels which were hidden in this prototype.

Set 1:

  • EP_IRONY_URBANBREGNA1_LIGHT_TEST.LVL: Doesn't seem to work
  • EP_SEED_UB_01.LVL: Loads, not present in normal level-select menu
  • EP_MSGOODCHILD_CIT_01.LVL: Extremely early version of a level from later in the game which is not normally accessible in this prototype
  • EP_WAR_NML_02.LVL: Extremely early version of a level from later in the game which is not normally accessible in this prototype
  • COMBAT.LVL: Doesn't seem to work
  • BOXACTIVATIONTEST.LVL: Large test area
  • BRIANB_COMPLEX.LVL: Large test area
  • CYLINDER_TEST.LVL: Large test area
  • JEANS_TEST.LVL: Test area
  • MARK_BOXES2.LVL: Large test area
  • MARK_BOXES3.LVL: Large test area
  • MARK_CONVEX.LVL: Hangs during load
  • MARK_CONVEX2.LVL: Hangs during load
  • MARK_UB_1.LVL: Very large test area version of Urban Bregna
  • MENU_SKYBOX.LVL: Doesn't seem to work

Set 2:

  • NATHANP_TEST.LVL: Test area
  • OLDCITY_LOGIC_TEST02.LVL: Test area, very similar to MARK_PUDDLE_TEST.LVL
  • ORENSPLAYGROUND.LVL: Large test area
  • PARTICLE_TESTER.LVL: Doesn't seem to work
  • STEVE_TEST_ACROBATICS.LVL: Large test area
  • TEST_SEED_ARENA.LVL: Test version of the "Seeds of Doom" boss
  • TEST_UPSIDEDOWNLAB.LVL: Large test area
  • V_2D_LAB.LVL: Doesn't seem to work
  • V_BOWL_UB.LVL: Doesn't seem to work
  • V_DEF_NML.LVL: Large test area
  • V_DEF_PAN.LVL: Vertical "fighting on an elevator" test area
  • V_RUN_NML.LVL: Very large test version of "Race Through No-Man's Land"
  • V_RUN_PAN.LVL: Extremely large area, looks like an unfinished level



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