NHL 11 (May 31, 2010 prototype)

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Title Screen
NHL 11 (May 31, 2010 prototype)
Build date May 31, 2010 18:57:25
Build name DemotestbedRW7bed
Dump status Released
Dumped by Burninrubber0
Released by Kabojnk
File release date December 27, 2020
Origin XBOX 360 Development Kit
Game NHL 11
System Xbox 360
Genre Sports
Final build EU Jul 20, 2010
US Jul 20, 2010
Release date EU Sep 17, 2010
US Sep 7, 2010
Download NHL 11 (May 31, 2010 prototype) (info)
Error: The download file provided does not exist, please upload it or fix the file name if it's incorrect.

A prototype of NHL 11 for the Xbox 360.


  • This build was originally deleted on the XDK it came from and many files had to be manually defragmented. A few files are still fragmented, though they should not interfere with gameplay.
  • Compiled roughly two months before the first final retail build.
  • Contains a pdb and linker map for the executable.
  • The text on the legal screen is in a different font.
  • The background video on the title screen is a placeholder.
  • Jumps straight into the main menu instead of Create Your Own Pro.
  • Autosaving appears to be disabled.
  • Still uses FMVS from NHL 10.
  • Pressing Select+Start activates a debug menu.