Double Dragon (NES prototype)

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Title Screen
Double Dragon (NES prototype)
Dump status Released
Dumped by Skrybe
Released by Skrybe
Origin ROM
Game Double Dragon
System NES
Genre Action/Platform
Release date US Jun 1988
EU 1990
JP Apr 8 1988
Download Double Dragon (NES prototype) (info)
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An early prototype of Double Dragon for the Famicom. It was released by Skrybe on Jul 05, 2007.


The Cutting Room Floor research
  • Free Play is enabled.
  • If left alone on the title screen the game will start a unfinished attract mode. It isn't programmed to show gameplay and the player won't move. Eventually the player will die and it will go into Game Over mode, only to boot back into level 1.
  • No shoulder toss throw.
  • Abilities and special moves awarded at different star levels.
  • Can sometimes fight more than 2 enemies at once.
  • Can skip levels by pressing Start.
  • Some palettes are different.
  • Unfunctional elevator shaft in the section by right wall in the first level is blocked. In the final game the player can actually walk up the shaft.
  • Extra Rock in level 3.
  • Double cave doors in level 3 lead to different places. Left door proceeds and right door leads inside but at the end it will loop back outside to the cavern entrance.
  • Final level 3 exit won't open but can still be entered, regardless.
  • Extra rock on top of mountain in level 4.
  • Double doors in level 4 lead to different places. Left door proceeds and right door leads to the previous level.
  • Jimmy Lee is no longer the final boss, the game ends with the defeat of Willy.


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