Vigilante 8 (Mar 30, 1998 Prototype)

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Title Screen
Vigilante 8 (Mar 30, 1998 Prototype)
Build date Mar 30, 1998
Build name 03-30-98 A
Dump status Released
Dumped by sadikyo
File release date February 3, 2022
Origin CD-R
Labels "8" "V8" "03-30-98 A"
Game Vigilante 8
System PlayStation
Genre Vehicular Combat
Release date Jun 1, 1998
Download Vigilante 8 (Mar 30, 1998 Prototype) (info)
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Download Vigilante 8 (Mar 30, 1998 Prototype) from external mirror

A prototype of Vigilante 8 for the Sony PlayStation. dated 3-4 months before release.


  • Early menu
  • Early start screen
  • Secret character "Y" is unplayable (trying to force the game to load him causes a crash)
  • Various changes across multiple maps
  • Every ending is a placeholder FMV with the character's name and some music from the game in the background (beezwax's placehold fmv spells his name as beezewax)
  • John torque's car has blue windows instead of black
  • Sid and boogie both crash on the casino city level in quest mode
  • Casino city has large open part at edge of map with no invisible wall, allowing you to go out of bounds
  • Luxoflux logo appears in between loading between levels and menus
  • Dave's special "invasion" crashes the game when used
  • Game is buggy and crashes easily
  • Only a few weapon combos have been added, and they have no cool down and use only 1 ammo
  • Intro FMV has placeholder music from the game
  • Different physics and weight, cars feel more rigid
  • HUD from older prototype is leftover unused in files
  • You can pick up destroyed enemies specials and it gives you your special with the ammo they had


SLUS-00510 2022-05-08 17-56-05-e1652581333687-150x150.png SLUS-00510 2022-05-08 13-58-24-e1652581743692-150x150.png SLUS-00510 2022-05-08 14-58-19-e1652581681871-150x150.png SLUS-00510 2022-05-08 15-16-26-e1652581643761-150x150.png


  • Thanks to the Vigilante 8 discord for documenting the prototype!

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