Undertale (May 23, 2013 demo)

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Title Screen
Undertale (May 23, 2013 demo)
Build date May 23, 2013 00:37:30
Build name Demo
Dump status Released
Released by Toby Fox
File release date May 23, 2013
Origin Downloadable Content
Game Undertale
System PC
Genre Role-Playing Game
Final build WW Sep 8, 2015
Release date WW Sep 15, 2015

A demo of Undertale for PC.


The Cutting Room Floor research
  • As of now the demo has been updated in 5 June, but some files still dated from the release.
  • The original zip file containing the first release is still to be find out yet.
  • Warning: Do NOT link this demo to Hidden Palace, the demo is too new to be on wiki.