Turok Advance prototype (logo version)

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Title Screen
Turok Advance prototype (logo version)
Dump status Released
Dumped by breezer
Game Turok Advance
System Game Boy Advance
Genre First Person Shooter
Release date Unreleased
Download Turok Advance prototype (logo version) (info)

A 3D version of Turok Advance the development of which was dropped in favor of the released 2D Turok Advance. This version is earlier than the other two released and includes some logos. It was donated by breezer and released on February 23, 2009.



File Type Size SHA-1
Turok Advance (Prototype - Logo) (hidden-palace.org).gba Nintendo Game Boy Advance ROM Image 3.52 MB 74baebef55a8d7a8801ef8a0a657c4e00d5cf003