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Tweaker (Oct 23 2006)

Overlord (Oct 23 2006)
Holy fuck YES, WIN

Dirtbag (Oct 23 2006)
Kick ass!

Jurai (Oct 23 2006)
fuck yes a shitty proto of maybe the shittiest sonic game

Malchik (Oct 23 2006)

lostgame (email) (Oct 23 2006)
Awesome. Just awesome. Sonic 3D Blast is among my favorite games.

Vangar (Oct 24 2006)

Baha (email) (Oct 24 2006)
Awesome stuff. I have a game you could die for. It's so rare 9 out of 10. The Donkey Kong Country BlockBuster Competition Edition. Only 2500 made! Unknown how many survived!

Pemdawg (email) (Oct 24 2006)
I'ts very cool of you to release dumps of stuff you forked over big bucks for. You're making a good point to all those hoarding collectors out there who don't share the wealth (DreamTR, we know you're out there.)

kar (Oct 24 2006)
How to start it?

ohfuohsh*tck (Oct 24 2006)

UltimaDude (Oct 24 2006)
Nice,I wish gens had axis support oh well time to use the D-Pad on my xbox controller :(

Soyongdori (Oct 24 2006)
Actually Pemdawg, many of the protos that LostLevels has been releasing are from DreamTR and he has in fact been sharing his protos and there are more to come. Anyways, I was going to buy this originally off eBay but I informed Drx and I am glad to see that he bought it instead. Nice find, I was suprised to find out that it was S3D Blast, I expected Sonic 3 or Sonic Crackers.

drx (email) (Oct 24 2006)
>>"Nice find, I was suprised to find out that it was S3D Blast, I expected Sonic 3 or Sonic Crackers."

This is NOT the one I bought on ebay.

Lee (Oct 24 2006)
Gah, why couldn't it have been Sonic Mars or Sonic Xtreme? I'd throw $600 down for those.

LocalH (email) (Oct 25 2006)
It would have been nice if you'd been around when we actually had an early Xtreme within our grasp. I think we only needed less than $200 more than what we'd already collected?

Jurai (Oct 25 2006)
dear pemdawg, dreamtr supplied the cart, so why are you flamign him like a fucktard? -jurai

lol (Oct 26 2006)
supplied aka sold

Oliver (Oct 27 2006)
Who gives how he supplied it? The fact is that he did, which is what matters at the end of the day. If he wants to profit like a collector, let him profit. The least you can do is enjoy the benefits and stop whining about it. Whatever monetary expense this incurred is wasted on whining like that. Just download or GTFO.

lol (Oct 27 2006)
i mean, he isnt the owner of the cart any longer, so its not like hes got anything to do with releasing the rom

ie. we could say that sega helped too cause they were the original owner of the cart too

Hi (Nov 07 2006)
Thanks, now we can play a beta of a game that no one cares about. Because it's not 3D, it's not fast, it wasn't very good.

Sup (Nov 09 2006)
Yeah, it you'd gotten Sonic Xtreme that would have been bad ass. But instead it is this shitty game that as "Hi" stated nobody cares about. Why did you even buy this? Save up your money and buy a prototype that somebody will actually be excited about.

Dude (Nov 09 2006)
$700 fuckin dollars, damn man think of the weed you could have bought, but instead you buy prototype games. NERD!

verrcktes Zicklein (May 08 2008)
Oh my god can it be true!!! SONIC 3D BLAST BETA!