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Imported comments

Techokami (Dec 23 2006)
This is epic.

UltimaDude (Dec 24 2006)

rika (Dec 25 2006)
Thanks drx! Glad to see they weren't identical to already dumped or final ROMs.

kl4gg (Dec 28 2006)
Great work!

Banjzooie (Dec 31 2006)
Drx, how do you end up finding prototype cartridges like this? Where do they usually turn up for sale.

Alice (Apr 29 2009)
The main character is extremely reminiscent of the one from Teddy Boy Blues, but the rest of the game is very different.

For one, you no longer have a BB gun, you shoot stars, and retain the ability to jump around. The effects in the game are very advanced, from filtering to large sprites.

The music is silly, but less repettitive than most titles, and the game seems nearly complete, if not so.