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Alice (356) (Apr 29 2009)
A platformer with strange mechanics. Though one would anticipate flight as a bat, the ability is limited at first to a double jump.

The graphical quality is incredible, and beyond most other games of its generation. You generally would never expect to see this kind of quality in a Genesis game.

The sound is even more amazing, with long tracks and a wide sound range, under-utilized on other titles. This is slightly distracted from by the corny music selection.

Otherwise, the game appears to be a near-final build, if not final.

Alice (356) (Apr 29 2009)
Apparently, there are three games in this series, and a version available on the Super Nintendo.

Flight is available as a power-up, and the game features a wide variety in levels, such as a mine cart zone.

Mekanaizer (Nov 28 2009)
This game was released over Europe I own both PAL Aero's.