Sonic Rush (E3 2005 kiosk demo)

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Title Screen
Sonic Rush (E3 2005 kiosk demo)
Dump status Released
Dumped by Lightning
Origin Nintendo DS development cartridge
Ownership DreamTR (2007)
Game Sonic Rush
System Nintendo DS
Genre Platform
Release date JP 11/23/2005
US 11/15/2005
EU 11/18/2005
Download Sonic Rush (E3 2005 kiosk demo) (info)

A one-level prototype of Sonic Rush for the DS, apparently from E3 2005. It was dumped by Lightning released by drx on January 07, 2007.


The Cutting Room Floor research



# File Type Size SHA-1
1 FILE_ID.diz Release info 217 bytes c6b499ffcc63113db00111a8f937847062d057fc
2 hpz-sre3.nds Nintendo DS ROM Image 64 MB 3cc80ca2f88d353510a3648eaf8ccfe5f4009046
3 srush_e3_00.jpg Photograph 361.8 KB e82b6cf33efc5e80c78407537caba35125832a50
4 srush_e3_01.jpg Photograph 387.8 KB 826acbd46d654d37bd47eaab1b01ddbec6d65717
5 srush_e3_02.jpg Photograph 418.1 KB 022af19cc9d0dcb2a868682a84b84c2e809e9d9b
6 srush_e3_03.jpg Photograph 377.6 KB 0f3c9d62f4b746a6a415c65106e2344904f30341
7 srush_e3_04.jpg Photograph 393.5 KB 8e15d06ed4e25368c6e06b4356c5a0f8ba402b92
8 srush_e3_05.jpg Photograph 234.5 KB 4a17566a0a7e2b66ddf838163bbb5b87b695f95f
9 hpz-sre3.nfo Release info 2.7 KB 7e707abec320e1995194ef5011e34d2340d5f320



Thanks to Lightning and Techokami for helping with this release.