Sonic Mega Collection (Sega of America recording)

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Sonic Mega Collection (Sega of America recording)
Status Released, redump needed
Released by Sonic CulT
Media VHS tape
Game Sonic Mega Collection
System Nintendo GameCube
Genre Collection
Release date JP Dec 19, 2002
US Nov 10, 2002
EU Mar 7, 2003

A Sega of America tester's recording of Sonic Mega Collection for Nintendo GameCube. Sonic CulT founder Pachuka may have had access to this tape during his days at Sega as a "QA Jockey" in the early 2000s. [1]


  • This prototype appears to be even earlier than the August 15th build present on the wiki.
  • The title screen uses Sonic CD's (Japanese/European) music as a placeholder.
  • The main menu is just a placeholder, with the only functional option being "Games".