Sonic Heroes (Sep 28, 2003 prototype)

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Title Screen
Sonic Heroes (Sep 28, 2003 prototype)
Build date Sep 28, 2003
Dump status Released
Dumped by drx
Released by Hidden Palace
File release date January 1, 2024
Origin DVD-R
Labels SONIC PS2 1544
2 OCT 2003
Dump method DiscImageCreator
Ownership drx
Game Sonic Heroes
System PlayStation 2
Final build JP Dec 1, 2003
US Dec 2, 2003
EU Dec 9, 2003
Release date JP Dec 30, 2003
US Jan 5, 2004
EU Feb 6, 2004
Article New Years 2024 - Sonic Heroes
Download Sonic Heroes (Sep 28, 2003 prototype) (info)
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A PAL prototype of Sonic Heroes for the PlayStation 2.


This patch allows you to boot into Easy Mode, to select which level to navigate.

[PCSX2 Pnach]

[Heroes 10.2: Boot into Easy Select]


comment=On boot only.


This patch maintain's the flying character's energy, useful to fly into un-reachable areas from one point.

[PCSX2 Pnach]

[Heroes 10.2: Infinite Flight]


[PCSX2 Pnach]

[Heroes 10.2: Permanent additive warp effect]


[PCSX2 Pnach]

[Heroes 10.2: Disable character specific Tornado effects]


[PCSX2 Pnach]

[Heroes 10.2: Unlock Light Dash abilities for all speed chars + Amy Wall cling]

General Changes

The Cutting Room Floor research
  • Basic debug mode (L+R in-game).
  • Runs at 50fps without any frameskip
  • 50/60Hz switcher does not work, the game runs at 50Hz regardless of the setting.
  • Uses the final title screen despite being older than the 10.8 build
  • Subtitles lack background, and many of the subtitles are unescaped, functioning additive color blending like the Mario Kart: Double Dash! demo build.
  • Two Player mode has XBOX HUD Elements, and black bar
  • Massive slowdown on 2P splitscreen levels
  • Team Chaotix uses Sonic level layouts most of the time, sometimes with functional goal rings
  • Audio is a mix of English and Japanese voices
  • Only the audio tracks from the E3 and TGS Builds are present (Seaside Hill, Rail Canyon, Bullet Station).
  • Unique sound effect for score counter at end.
  • Omega uses unfiltered voice clips.
  • FMVs show corruption on the bottom of the screen.
  • Various missing textures
  • Some objects don't use special pixel processing render states.





Thanks to Sewer56 for helping to research this build!

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