SimCopter 64 (Jun 16, 1997 E3 prototype)

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Title Screen
SimCopter 64 (Jun 16, 1997 E3 prototype)
Build date June 16, 1997
Dump status Released
Released by Video Game History Foundation
File release date November 11, 2022
Origin Cartridge
Labels NUS-8F16F 128M
Sim copter64
E3 Version
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Dump method 64drive UltraSave
Game SimCopter 64
System Nintendo 64
Release date Unreleased
Download SimCopter 64 (Jun 16, 1997 E3 prototype) (info)
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An E3 demo of SimCopter 64, which never saw release.


  • This appears to be a fairly early prototype, the game itself was announced in May of '97. Work would continue on, with the project being reworked from a port of the PC game to an entirely original game.
  • The project was put on ice sometime around or before March of 1999 according to IGN, with the game having seemingly missed E3 98.
  • May have also been a 64DD game at one point before cancellation


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