Pokémon Yellow (Feb 10, 1999 prototype)

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Title Screen
Pokémon Yellow (Feb 10, 1999 prototype)
Build date Feb 10, 1999
Build name y990210
Dump status Released
Released by Anonymous
File release date April 11, 2020
Origin File
Lot 2018 Nintendo data breach
Files OriginalSouce.zip\yellow\Source\bin\
Game Pokémon Yellow
System Game Boy
Genre Role-playing
Final build US Feb 23, 1999
Release date JP Sep 12, 1998
AU Sep 3, 1999
US Oct 19, 1999
EU Jun 16, 2000

A late English localisation prototype of Pokémon Yellow, compiled on February 10, 1999. Dated 13 days before the final US version of the game.


Stolen via intrusion into Nintendo's corporate intranet between March and May 2018.

Warning: Do not link to this build; It is a first party Nintendo prototype, and furthermore was obtained via illegal means.