Pandemonium! (Jul 19, 1996 prototype)

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Title Screen
Pandemonium! (Jul 19, 1996 prototype)
Build date Jul 19, 1996 17:34:36
Dump status Released
Dumped by Dizzzy
Released by Dizzzy
File release date November 18, 2018
Origin CD-R
Labels Pandemonium! 7/19 U.S. PSX #8 PREVIEW ONLY
Game Pandemonium!
System PlayStation
Genre Action
Final build EU Nov 8, 1996
US Oct 2, 1996
Release date US Oct 31, 1996
EU Nov 1996
Download Pandemonium! (Jul 19, 1996 prototype) (info)
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A prototype of Pandemonium! for the Sony PlayStation.



From the previous beta (5 June 1996)

  • 18 levels on the MAP are now playable; the white-dot between levels 6 and 7, and the one after 18, don't do anything
  • Nikki now has her double-jump (but Fargus is still lacking his roll-attack)
  • Most of the earlier levels (the ones featured in the previous beta) are more-refined and matching the final game, with many-more textures now in-place
  • Gold stars now give you unlimited shots (not 3 per-star, as was the previous beta), but the powerup only lasts for about 15 seconds, with the countdown resetting (not accumulating) if you collect multiple stars in-a-row. Due to this change, there is no-longer a "shots-remaining" counter in the on-screen display
  • Some of the red diamond collectables are now-worth up-to 25 points -- though, as with the previous beta, this one still doesn't feature LIVES, so collecting them doesn't seem to do anything
  • A strange voice can be heard at various points throughout the game, saying something to the effect of "bring back the filename". This is first-encountered in the very first level, upon dropping-down into the second section. It seems to occur at the same time as on-screen graphical errors, so might indicate when a script has either failed, or some sort of object or texture referenced doesn't exist. You can avoid some instances by zooming-in (R1), which will reduce the polygon-count
  • The slide found in the first level now works; in the previous beta, you just run-down it like a normal path
  • The biting-plant enemies are now fully-textured
  • The golden keys are now larger in-size, though still not as-large as those in the final game
  • There are a number of times when you can randomly float up into the air, such as in the first level, once inside the skull
  • Some of the bonus-rooms found in the final game have been added
  • The shooting-head traps found in the first level now shoot on a timed basis (one shot about every 3 seconds), rather than only when you move-over the arrows; the arrows texture has been removed as a result
  • The third-level has changed direction since the previous beta; in this version, you start-out running to the right, and when you reach the circular section, you also move right (counter-clockwise) around it; in the previous beta, this was the only level where you start-out going left, and move clockwise around the circular section. The final game matches the change in direction found in this beta
  • The poison-plants, with the magenta tops, now spit-out their pink, acid-bubbles; in the previous beta, they were fairly-harmless as they didn't do this attack
  • Two new transformations are now available in the later-levels: the dinosaur, which features the horn-charge attack; and the "dragon", though while in this transformation your character is grey and untextured, and looks more like a witch: you can still fly in all-directions, but there is no attack (unlike the flame-breath in the final game).
  • An unused vehicle also exists: in the same level as the "dragon" transformation is a wooden contraption which you can stand in the middle of, and then have to hold JUMP to make it ascend, and run left or right to move in that direction. As it is essentially a more-awkward-to-control version of the dragon, this is likely why it was dropped. You also cannot get-off the vehicle once on it, until you come to the next part of the level defined as "on-foot", at which point your character automatically jumps-out


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