NBA Jam 2001 (Aug 11, 2000 prototype A)

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Title Screen
NBA Jam 2001 (Aug 11, 2000 prototype A)
Build date Aug 11, 2000 17:08:44
Build name Beta
Dump status Released
Dumped by Anonymous
Released by Codebound
File release date March 4, 2024
Origin Compiled ROM file
Files cgae_08.bin
Game NBA Jam 2001
System Game Boy Color
Genre Sports
Final build US Oct 3, 2000
Release date US Nov 28, 2000
Download NBA Jam 2001 (Aug 11, 2000 prototype A) (info)
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Download NBA Jam 2001 (Aug 11, 2000 prototype A) from external mirror

A prototype of NBA Jam 2001 for Game Boy Color.


  • Released alongside source code, assets, and design documents.
  • Might not load in some emulators; a workaround is to change the file extension to .gb
  • Has an associated changelog file:
* 'Bloopers' are now in.
* 'Fake' shots are in.
* Blocks are now easier (and editable).
* 'Strategy' on the Options Screen is now more noticeable.
* 'Throw In' Bug Fixed.
* 'Stats Screen' now only appear at half-time and end of game.
* Scoring a 3-pointer is now more difficult.
* 'White' players are slightly more tanned!
* The whistle now happens before the screen fades.
* 'Home' and 'Away' strips are used at the correct times.
* 'All Star' strips are now Blue and Red.
* 'Charlote' now spelt correctly as 'Charlotte'.

There are probably more fixes as well...