Mickey's Ultimate Challenge (Nov 12, 1993 prototype)

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Title Screen
Mickey's Ultimate Challenge (Nov 12, 1993 prototype)
Build date Nov 12, 1993
Build name N/A
Dump status Released, redump needed
Dumped by Video Game History Foundation
Released by Hidden Palace
File release date January 1, 2022
Origin EPROM cartridge
Labels N/A
Game Mickey's Ultimate Challenge
System Game Boy
Genre Action
Final build JP Unreleased
US Mar 7, 1994
Release date JP Unreleased
EU 1994
US May 1994
Download Mickey's Ultimate Challenge (Nov 12, 1993 prototype) (info)
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A prototype of Mickey's Ultimate Challenge for the Game Boy.


  • An early build dated four months prior to the final build.
  • The copyright year (which is 1994 in the final game) is missing from the copyright screen.
    • This is also the case for the title screen. Additionally, the copyright placement on the title screen is slightly different.
  • The game has no music or sound effects.
  • Mickey's sprite is unfinished and appears to be missing a large number of pixels.
  • The character seemingly cannot be changed on the character select screen.
  • The opening animatic is not present.
  • Mickey lands in a slightly different position on the tower in Beanswick as he does in the final. Addiitonally, the character nearby is absent.
  • A large number of sprites and rooms are extremely unfinished and different.
  • Text boxes are often a different shade to their final appearance.
  • Some scenes are replaced with blank screens with the name of the scene on them.
  • Challenges often differ from their usual goal.
  • Some challenges and rooms appear to not be present at all.
  • Game does not appear to be beatable.
  • It's possible to walk on the water.



File Type Date Size Comment SHA-1
Mickey's Ultimate Challenge (Nov 12, 1993 prototype).gb ROM file 2020-09-28 21:20:00 128 KB ROM file. e6809004a3af32235e55a300f53b421a00c57b98


Special thanks to Frank Cifaldi at the Video Game History Foundation and the anonymous donor for this part of the lot! A huge thanks to Hwd45 for researching this prototype!

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