Major League Baseball 2K6 (prototype)

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Title Screen
Major League Baseball 2K6 (prototype)
Dump status Released
Dumped by MrPinball64
Released by MrPinball64
File release date November 23, 2020
Origin Developer cartridge
Labels MLB 10.11
Ownership MrPinball64 (2020-present)
Game Major League Baseball 2K6
System Nintendo DS
Genre Sports
Release date Unreleased
Download Major League Baseball 2K6 (prototype) (info)

A prototype of the unreleased Major League Baseball 2K6 for the Nintendo DS. The game was not finished until late in 2006, so it was shelved and reworked as Major League Baseball 2K7 and released the following year.


  • Very similar to Major League Baseball 2K7, with small differences such as missing and different animations, the adjusted difficulty of hitting the ball, and other small changes.
  • Logo at the start of the game is different as the publisher rebranded itself in 2007.