LittleBigPlanet (May 19, 2010 debug build)

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Title Screen
LittleBigPlanet (May 19, 2010 debug build)
Build date May 19 2010
Build name br1r5_r41378
Dump status Released
Released by MysteriousCubemementomori
File release date April 20, 2021
Origin PlayStation 3 dev kit HDD
Lot Dreamiverse Mega Release 2021
Game LittleBigPlanet
System PlayStation 3
Genre Platform
Release date EU Nov 3, 2008
US Oct 27, 2008
UK Nov 5, 2008
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Download LittleBigPlanet (May 19, 2010 debug build) from external mirror

A post-release debug build of LittleBigPlanet for the Sony PlayStation 3.


  • Contains a full debug menu, and another extensive menu that can be accessed from the web browser on your PC by connecting to your PS3's IP.
  • Various dev assets/levels and pre-release DLC assets can be found in the build.
  • Revision for the build is br1r5_r41378.


Special thanks to Chunky104, theclashingfritz (Prince Frizzy), Trevir (cellomonster), Ben Brown (HFMiles/hellfire2345), and RZXspyro for assisting with researching these builds.