Klonoa: Door to Phantomile (Jul 17, 1997 prototype)

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Title Screen
Klonoa: Door to Phantomile (Jul 17, 1997 prototype)
Build date Jul 17, 1997 16:22:38
Build name 10-15-97
Dump status Released, redump needed
Released by Hidden Palace
File release date April 17, 2021
Origin CD-R
Lot Project Deluge
Labels Klonoa 10-15-97
Dump method PLEXTOR DVDR PX-716UF 1.11 03/23/07 15:10 (CloneCD)
Game Klonoa: Door to Phantomile
System PlayStation
Genre Action Adventure
Final build JP Oct 19, 1997
EU Apr 28, 1998
US Jan 7, 1998
Release date JP Dec 11, 1997
EU Apr 28, 1998
US Jun 1998
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A prototype of Klonoa: Door to Phantomile for the PlayStation.


The Cutting Room Floor research
  • Compiled around 3 months before the initial Japanese retail version
  • Simpler Namco logo on startup
  • No intro FMV, goes straight to the title screen
  • Credits FMV is a placeholder
  • Some difference in the instruction text. For example, some text boxes get skipped automatically (likely a bug).
  • The text box for starting a game is blank.
  • Debug controls:
    • L1 + R1 on title screen- Debug menu
    • R1 (ingame)- Infinite jumps
    • L1 (hold ingame)- Debug info, pressing some of the other controller-buttons can alter some of the values
    • Circle (hold ingame)- Increase Klonoa's movement speed
    • Select + Start- Soft reset
  • General:
    • Different item/enemy placement
    • Different texture for boss explosions
    • No text on loading screen
    • Game can't be paused
    • End-of-level screen is in a very early state
    • Different/missing sprites for Klonoa
    • Different camera angles in a few areas that expose level boundaries
    • Missing tracks
    • Missing sound effects
    • Different recordings/takes for some of the voice-acting
    • Different mixing/balance for a lot of the music tracks
    • Remnants exist of a scrapped mechanic that allows Klonoa to place grabbed enemies in wind currents and use them as platforms
    • Getting game over loads a glitchy unfinished version of a "Coming soon" screen
    • Some of the Phantomilians were originally invisible like the eggs which never happens in the final game
    • Enemies can be thrown through spiked balls fired by spiders and Gunnies
    • Different explosion sprite
  • Vision 1-1:
    • Invisible egg is missing before the first bridge
    • Blue dreamstone is missing at the top of the wind current
    • The game crashes trying to load the next chunk of the last area (can be bypassed with the level select in the debug menu)
  • Vision 1-2:
    • The hidden egg right before the entrance of the final cave used to be a hidden Phantomilian
    • The last Phantomilian in the level used to be a hidden egg containing an extra life
    • Ghadius' head is much brighter
    • End-of-level cutscene has different camerawork and a completely different and unused track; interior of Grandpa's house in the cutscene is unfinished and has no lighting
  • Vision 2-1:
    • Minor bug was fixed- The dreamstones that spill out of the giant Moo at the start can clip through the wall to the other side
    • Forlock villagers have pink legs
  • Vision 2-2:
    • Unused track from 1-2 end cutscene plays when Klonoa first meets Karal
    • Karal's theme has a slower tempo
    • Klonoa's talking sprite while riding Karal is glitched
    • Bubbles and background missing from boss loading screen
    • Boss background was given brighter colors and water reflection to make the water more subtle
    • Glitched hand sprite palette on Seadoph when riding spiked balls
    • Music doesn't fade after defeating boss
    • Scene of Karal taking Klonoa back to Forlock is longer and in a rough state, the leaf Klonoa jumps on is brown and the voice lines used are different and heavily reverbed
  • Vision 3-1:
    • No cutscene of Klonoa jumping off the leaf at the beginning of the stage
    • Breakable boxes are only marked with an X on one side
    • Joka's voice lines haven't been added/recorded
    • Glitched palette on Phantomilian bubbles
    • Flying variant of the spider enemy doesn't have a unique palette yet
  • Vision 3-2:
    • The prototype version of this level's music included in the game's official soundtrack is used in this build
    • Sound effects are broken/don't work
    • Glitched palette on springs
    • 1st key door in the level is an ordinary door in the proto (the key that's in the conveyor belt room in the final and entered in from the foreground instead of to the side
    • Slight geometry change on the other side of 1st key door
    • The spiked balls in the final section of the level are more frequent making it more difficult
    • Blue debug triangle present in boss fight which seems to mark Klonoa's spawn point
  • Vision 4-1:
    • Music has no indoor mix
  • Vision 4-2:
    • The frozen Octomoo is entirely missing and the ice column that houses it in the final version is split in half
    • The entrance of the Octomoo chamber is almost completely dark, while in the final version a large round rock formation is visible around the waterfall
    • Joka and Moo are missing from the flying ships in the pre-boss cutscene
    • Debug counters appear during the boss
    • Boss AI is less responsive
    • Boss has a 2nd form which was scrapped completely for the final game- A blue ghost flies between the foreground and background trying to ram into Klonoa
  • Vision 5-1:
    • Running onto lava doesn't kill Klonoa
    • Layer/clipping errors on one of the doors
    • Different texture/model for the flame jets
    • Last flame jet on the yellow orb route is placed way off from the hitbox/particles
    • Temple guard sprites are glitched in the last cutscene
    • Elevator has SFX
  • Vision 5-2:
    • Music is glitched in this level and plays tracks from other levels until the player dies/gets far enough into the level
    • Level can't be completed normally due to the 2nd-to-last elevator and the pathway it's on being broken
    • Different effects for Ghadius teleporting away in the pre-boss cutscene
    • Joka's monster form has completely different textures
    • Different sound effect for changing the platform colors during boss fight
    • Joka's body isn't charred in end-level cutscene
  • Vision 6-1:
    • Cutscene is unfinished
    • The alcove in which the player starts the level was remodeled and the wall on the right removed for the final
    • Different/incomplete lighting
    • Exterior/interior mixes of the music are swapped
    • Electrified floors have a different and less subtle texture
    • Different-looking platforms on blue crystal route
    • No glowing/pulsing effect on crystals
    • The steps leading to the end of the level were originally smaller; for the final they were widened out, the door moved further to the right and yellow statues were placed on the steps to help the player from getting lost
    • No Spikers and much more Boomies in green crystal route
    • Harder enemy placement in green crystal route
    • Phantomilian and a line of Boomies are in place of where the 2nd Mirror Spirit is located in the final
    • Elevator at end of the level has a door that's blocked by a black statue with accompanying crystal (changed to white in the final)
    • Level can't be completed because of invisible wall; infinite jumping over invisible wall reveals that the elevator has no collision
  • Vision 6-2:
    • 6-1 music doesn't play when the level starts
    • 6-2 music doesn't play until leaving the 1st room
    • Sand slides were tweaked and the lighting for the area was darkened to try to hide the fact the sand slides pop into the draw distance from the center
    • Floating metal platforms have different textures despite the same platforms using the final game's textures in 6-1
    • Hitting switches and hitting/getting hit by Armored Moos play random Klonoa voice lines
    • 1st switch puzzle is much more difficult than in the final game due to the switches having shorter reset times
    • Debug info during pre-boss cutscene
    • Ghadius' head is missing and the inside of his cloak has the same textures/effect as his boss model in pre-boss cutscene
    • Camera hangs on the cutscene area when the boss fight starts until the player touches a teleporter
    • Dying on the boss fight spawns the player outside the boss and over the cutscene area which has no collision; Klonoa will fall indefinitely until the game is powered off/reset
    • Blue Moos are used as placeholder for the unique enemies that appear only in this boss and the final boss
    • Ghadius takes 12 hits to defeat compared to 10 in the final
    • Corners of the triangle wireframes Ghadius summons are purple instead of green
    • Ghadius doesn't scream and his cloak doesn't get damaged when defeated
  • Final Vision:
    • Different animation for Nahatomb being hatched
    • The ring surrounding Nahatomb is colored different and the walls stretch further down
    • Karal's model is glitched and remains when the boss fight starts
    • Nahatomb is invisible in all 3 forms; the models for all 3 forms are present in the game files with shading but no textures as well as multiple versions of the 1st form's model in varying stages of incompletion and the 1st form also has a twirling animation not present in the final game
    • Cannons don't change color to gold when loaded
    • Getting caught and eaten by Nahatomb's tongue on the 1st form has the possiblity of triggering the to load the next form
    • Background on 2nd form is completely different
    • All the crystals on the 2nd form are different colors and classed as their own separate objects in the game files, this was reduced to one object for the small crystals and one for the large in the final
    • Red Moos used as placeholder for cannon NPCs on 3rd form; They change to blue Moos when their cannons are loaded
    • Developer message on sky texture in 3rd form
    • Energy waves in 3rd form look different and different camera angle when Nahatomb does the attack
    • Boss can't be defeated; nothing's programmed to happen after loading all the cannons on the 3rd form
  • 7-1 (Ending cutscene):
    • Ending cutscene hasn't been implemented (although a few cutscene objects and an early script are present in the game files) but selecting it from the debug level select loads Klonoa into the cutscene area; he can only move around a small area thanks to invisible walls
    • More of Vision 1-1 (from which the cutscene area was copypasted) is present out of bounds including the bridge and the hatch on Klonoa's window; this was cut down to the bare minimum actually needed for the cutscene in the final
  • 8-1 (Extra Vision):
    • No cutscenes
    • No checkpoints
    • One of the room layouts is completely different
    • Last room of the level has almost no objects
    • Klonoa falls out of bounds as he goes through the door at the end of the level which causes the game to spam the "ceiling bonk" sound
  • Miscellaneous Notes:
    • Game is emulatable: Yes (as of April 17, 2021),
    • Game contains dongle protection: No.
    • Game contains debugging symbols: N/A
    • Dump was originally scrambled: No





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A huge thanks to Iniche for doing the initial research on this prototype!

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