Kingdom Hearts (Jul 9, 2002 prototype)

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Title Screen
Kingdom Hearts (Jul 9, 2002 prototype)
Build date Jul 9, 2002 09:40
Build name Beta
Dump status Released
Dumped by Kuriatsu
Released by 13th Vessel
File release date July 9, 2022
Origin DVD-R
Game Kingdom Hearts
System PlayStation 2
Genre Role Playing
Final build JP Mar 3, 2002
EU Aug 17, 2002
US Aug 13, 2002
Release date JP Mar 28, 2002
JP Dec 26, 2002 (Final Mix)
EU Nov 15, 2002
US Sep 16, 2002
Download Kingdom Hearts (Jul 9, 2002 prototype) (info)
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Download Kingdom Hearts (Jul 9, 2002 prototype) from external mirror

A prototype of Kingdom Hearts for the PlayStation 2.


  • Just about 1 month and 26 days for PAL build; 1 month and 22 days for NTSC-U build.
  • Miscellaneous Notes:
    • Game is emulatable (in PCSX2): Yes (as of February 28, 2024).
    • Game contains dongle protection: No.



This build was released thanks to the efforts of the following people: Kuriatsu, Sven Cakemann, Adamboy7, Loansome, Xeronkar, Maya, Explode, Jovannie, KH Guides, JinxedOutlaw, Hahabutwhatif, Ramen Megami, Onepiecefreak, AnyKey SkyWalker, Adrián Navas, 13th Vessel.