Juiced (prototype)

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Juiced (prototype)
Build date Aug 30, 2004
Build name (Preproduction Acclaim)
Dump status Released, redump needed
Dumped by Exals
Origin Xbox pre-production archive
Game Juiced
System Xbox
Release date Unreleased
Download Juiced (prototype) from external mirror

A late non working PAL preproduction build of the unreleased Acclaim version of Juiced for the Microsoft Xbox.


  • The archive of this build is damaged, it contains 803 checksum errors, most are about tracks and movie clips which files can be replaced with the ones from the Jul 13, 2004 build.
  • The five damaged files which are very important and unique to this build are "\ui.dat", "\update.xbe", "\textures.dat", "\steering.dat" and "\scripts.dat".
  • This build is playable if all the damaged files are replaced with ones from the Jul 13, 2004 prototype. Such hybrid build has no obvious visual differences with the Jul one, however more investigation is needed.
  • This build is newer than the unreleased "silver disc" one, which build date is Aug 11, 2004.