Hoppin' Mad (prototype)

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Title Screen
Hoppin' Mad (prototype)
Dump status Released
Dumped by Video Game History Foundation
Released by Video Game History Foundation
File dump date March 5, 2019
File release date January 3, 2024
Origin EPROM Cartridge
Labels Suspicious full color "prototype cartridge" label
Dump method CopyNES (Analogue NT Mini Noir)
Game Hoppin' Mad
System NES
Genre Action
Release date Unreleased
Download Hoppin' Mad (prototype) (info)
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This is believed to be a clean dump of the Hoppin' Mad prototype by Elite for the NES. The commonly-found ROM online is actually from a cartridge release by "Nowhere Productions," with modified data. This data is not 100% confirmed, as the cartridge it came from is a bit suspicious in appearance, but the data differs from the "published" version, does not contain its altered credits, and originates from the same source.