Half-Life (May 23, 2001 prototype)

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Title Screen
Half-Life (May 23, 2001 prototype)
Build date May 23, 2001 16:13:52
Dump status Released, redump needed
Released by Xanadu
File release date January 10, 2003
Files halflife-dcgold-xanadu.part01.rar, halflife-dcgold-xanadu.part02.rar, halflife-dcgold-xanadu.part03.rar, halflife-dcgold-xanadu.part04.rar, halflife-dcgold-xanadu.part05.rar, halflife-dcgold-xanadu.part06.rar, halflife-dcgold-xanadu.part07.rar, halflife-dcgold-xanadu.part08.rar, halflife-dcgold-xanadu.part09.rar, halflife-dcgold-xanadu.part10.rar, halflife-dcgold-xanadu.part11.rar, halflife-dcgold-xanadu.part12.rar, halflife-dcgold-xanadu.part13.rar, halflife-dcgold-xanadu.part14.rar, halflife-dcgold-xanadu.part15.rar, halflife-dcgold-xanadu.part16.rar
Game Half-Life
System Dreamcast
Genre First-Person Shooter
Release date Unreleased
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A prototype of the unreleased port of Half-Life for the Sega Dreamcast.


Back in January 10th of 2003, Dreamcast scene group/member "Xanadu" released a build of Half-Life Dreamcast to the public. This build was compiled on May 23, 2001 and was made self-bootable on July 13, 2001.

  • This is the latest build of Half-Life Dreamcast available to the public.
  • Origin of GD-R is unknown.
  • Due to being a scene release, IP.BIN identifies the game as "Crazy Taxi."



Xanadu Presents

Title: Half Life *GOLD*
Platform: Dreamcast
Date: 01/10/2003
Format: Nero NRG (req. v5.5.10.0)

You know what Half Life is. No need for a summary.

This is the FINAL GOLD version of Half-Life for the
greatest game console on the planet (still), the

No, this was never released. Gearbox wrote it off
as a loss instead of releasing this killer game.

We aren't saying where we got this. But we KNOW it
is the real deal and have played it long enough to
feel confident releasing this.

Anyway, enjoy the game that probably could have saved
the Dreamcast.