Half-Life: Opposing Force (Oct 18, 1999 Press Demo)

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Title Screen
Half-Life: Opposing Force (Oct 18, 1999 Press Demo)
Build date Oct 18, 1999 09:29:43
Build name ofdemo
Dump status Released, redump needed
Dumped by Magic Nipples
Released by Magic Nipples
File release date September 10, 2021
Origin CD-R
Labels Half-Life: Opposing Force Press Build 10/20/99 Not for public distribution
Dump method HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH15F EG00 (ImgBurn)
Ownership august.gold (1999-2021), Magic Nipples (2021)
Game Half-Life: Opposing Force
System PC
Genre First-person shooter
Final build Nov 3, 1999
Release date US Nov 19, 1999
EU Nov 29, 1999
Download Half-Life: Opposing Force (Oct 18, 1999 Press Demo) from external mirror

A late beta press demo build of Half-Life: Opposing Force for the PC.


This build was sent to the press to preview Half-Life: Opposing Force before release.

  • This is build is older than the retail release by 17 days.
  • Requires a retail install of Half-Life patched to
  • Contains various model, sound, and code differences.
  • Multiplayer is disabled in the build, constantly returning the line "Multplayer games not allowed in this demo!"
  • Ropes require you to press the use key on them to mount.
  • The M249 holds 100 reserve ammo instead of the 50 it does in retail.
  • Files pertaining to the ending and the Sniper Rifle have been replaced with dummy files.




Thanks for Theuaredead` for initial discovery of the disc and release assistance.