Genma Onimusha (Dec 5, 2001 prototype)

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Title Screen
Genma Onimusha (Dec 5, 2001 prototype)
Build date Dec 5, 2001
Dump status Released
Dumped by Atomic
Released by Atomic
File release date June 9, 2021
Origin DVD
Dump method DiscImageCreator
Game Genma Onimusha
System Xbox
Genre Action-adventure
Release date JP Feb 22, 2002
US Jan 28, 2002
EU Mar 22, 2002
Download Genma Onimusha (Dec 5, 2001 prototype) from external mirror

A prototype/prerelease build of Genma Onimusha for the Xbox from 2001-12-05 (a single day before the retail version's timestamp! Wow!).

Seems to have very minor differences when briefly comparing the extracted files (the .xbe file is slightly different, and four movie files are not present), but needs more investigation.


Genma Onimusha-2001-12-05-Disc.jpg

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