Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles (Dec 10, 2001 Katana Development Files)

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Title Screen
Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles (Dec 10, 2001 Katana Development Files)
Build date Dec 10, 2001
Build name EvilTwin Katana recovery
Dump status Released
File release date February 23, 2013
Origin Development Kit
Dump method Hard Drive Backup
Game Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles
System Dreamcast
Genre Platformer
Release date April 12, 2002
Download Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles (Dec 10, 2001 Katana Development Files) (info)
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Files from a Sega Dreamcast Katana development kit hard drive.


Ola chaps

Sorry for the delay between releases.

I've been quite skint and distracted since mid-November so many projects have been delayed or put on hold, plus the Christmas and New Year didn't help.

I've also had some issues with a firmware update buggering up the Windows 7 install on one of my SSD's, so I had to format to get my PC usable again, which meant I lost a lot of data. I should also point out I had no other means to move or backup the data nor any money or means to do so quickly, so in my rush to get my PC operational I lost everything.

Luckily I have the use of an offsite backup to a mirrored array and Banabreak's releases are safely squirrelled away for another day.

Anyhow, back story out of the way, what have we got for you here?

As the topic title states, Evil Twin Cyprien's Chronicles for the Sega Dreamcast. The files are untouched, lifted directly from a Sega Dreamcast HKT-0120 Katana HDD. The majority of the files are similar or the same as the retail release, but there are at least two different versions of the title screen, an extra cut scene and what may be there peirce de resistance, when performing an undelete / recovery of the HDD some german language files for what I believe to be an unreleased, or at least poorly documented SKU were discovered too.

I have been in two minds of how to release these files. Originally I wanted to place the files inside a GDI and release it that way for people to extract and use as they would with any other dump, however I have ran into technical problems using faster methods and my own preferred manual style would take a lot of full time work to get done any time soon.

Failing that I wanted to release the files as a CDI, however the CDI version would only ever boot in nullDC as the file size is ridiculously large, thus way out of spec for burning to CD-R. Even if the game was downsampled, the assets are pretty large, but also, even after all of that it would only cover one version of the game and not the undeleted, unreleased or poorly documented SKU so 2 versions would have to be released.

As I have had the files for a while, had my format, redownloalded the files and sat on them for another several weeks without touching them and I intend to format my PC again, I figured bugger it. Release them as is. The inegrity of the beta is presrved in one form. Those who want to play the game can do so quite easily unpacking the retail version with -=FamilyGuy=-'s selfboot data pack and replace the retail files with the beta versions, repack and enjoy. You may learn something too ;)

I had originally uploaded the files a week ago but changed my mind before creating the post as I still wanted to have everything perfect off the bat but I can't forsee myself getting around to it any time soon, though I'd do it sooner if my development PC didn't suck argh! Anyhow the Katana & other equipment required to make access the files cost several hundred pounds. I hope the expense is appreciated, even if the current presentation isn't.

This is a Bananabreak release. Bananabreak are a group of Beta owners looking to release discs anonymously so I am serving as the public face (even if it is like a slapped arse!), but if there any thanks the anonymous members deserve them too!

I'd best get cracking as Windows 7 doesn't install itself. Have fun!

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