Dot E Creator Contest

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Title Screen
Dot E Creator Contest
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Dumped by Matthew Callis
Released by Matthew Callis
Origin Disk
Game Dot E Creator Contest
System (other builds) FDS (other builds)
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Genre Misc
Release date JP Aug 7, 1987
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A disk containing the winners of a reader character design contest for the Famimaga magazine in Japan.


  • This is the end result of a reader character design contest, specifically pixel art or “dot picture”, from the April 17th, 1987 issue of ファミマガ / Famimaga. It was sponsored by イマジニア / Imagineers, co-sponsored by Atlas and Tokuma Shoten (Famimaga).
  • The results of the contest were published in the August 7th, 1987 issue.
  • There were 23,141 contest entries, of those the highest award went to three people, another special award for two people, and an Excellence Award for 10 people.