Crash Bash (Aug 23, 2000 prototype)

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Title Screen
Crash Bash (Aug 23, 2000 prototype)
Build date Aug 23, 2000 04:46:38
Build name Preview
Dump status Released
Released by Hwd45
File release date Jan 21, 2024
Origin CD-R
Labels CRASH BASH 28/08/00
Dump method MPF 2.1 (Plextor PX-W4012TA 1.07)
Ownership Hwd45 (2023-Present)
Game Crash Bash
System PlayStation
Genre Party
Final build US Oct 10, 2000
EU Oct 23, 2000
JP Nov 15, 2000
Release date US Nov 7, 2000
EU Dec 1, 2000
JP Dec 14, 2000
Article Crash Bash and Spyro 3
Download Crash Bash (Aug 23, 2000 prototype) (info)
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A prototype of Crash Bash for the Sony PlayStation.


  • An NTSC-U build from nearly 2 months before the earliest final build. It is several days earlier than the Spyro 3 NTSC-U demo.
  • The following build dates are present in strings in the data:
NASbuild of 14:40:21 on Aug 21 2000
built @ 14:41:25 on Aug 21 2000
  • The build is dongle protected, which causes a ""CHECKING DONGLE"" message to appear on the main menu until the dongle is detected. The dongle protection can be bypassed using the included dongle file.
  • The logo screens at the beginning are all silent, still images.
  • The load-save menu is very unfinished-looking.
  • There is no intro cutscene.
  • The player's sprite is indicated with a flashing ""!"" icon on the pause screen, instead of a box.
  • Buttons in text boxes are generally replaced with text representing that button, instead of an icon.
  • All warp rooms after the first one are basic-looking and haven't been decorated with unique scenery yet. The first warp room looks similar to its final appearance, but is still missing some of the flourishes the final room has.
  • The boss icons in Papu Pummel and Bearminator are somewhat different to their final appearances.
  • Space Bash features a large billboard with a picture of Cortex on it.
  • The final section of Big Bad Fox, where the Komodo Bros fight the player, is not present.
  • The final boss is very incomplete and only seems to have one very basic round. If the second round is accessed, this round features barrels endlessly rolling towards the player, with no way to win or lose.
  • None of the levels in Warp Room 5 are accessible, and all use a ""COMING SOON!"" placeholder model in the warp room.
    • This is also true for half the levels in Warp Rooms 3 and 4.
  • Half the levels in Warp Room 5 have placeholder names; ""Extra 2"", ""Extra 3"" and ""Extra 4"".
  • Levels late into the game are generally very unfinished:
    • Keg Kaboom seems basically functionally there, but visually quite incomplete and laggy. The crystal challenge seems to be basic gameplay rather than including a roaming bomb.
    • In Dragon Drop's crystal challenge, the player can only score from within the 5x zone, instead of the flashing zone.
    • It's possible to briefly appear to fall off the stage in Mallet Mash. Hitting the mallet successively makes the player hover into the air, gaining height with each hit.
    • A few of the character's mallet animations in Mallet Mash are still incomplete.
    • Mallet Mash's crystal challenge is different, where the objective is to avoid ""hitting the mushrooms"" (?) instead of the other characters having shockwaves. This seems to play the same as a standard trophy challenge.
    • The gem challenges often seem to just be one round of otherwise unchanged gameplay with a time limit, rather than a challenge involving reaching a score of 0 before any other players.
  • Several early, glitchy versions of the warp rooms are present, albeit unused.
  • A cheat menu can be activated with the following GameShark code:
8004dd76 8001

Miscellaneous Notes

  • Game is emulatable: Yes (as of January 21, 2024).
  • Game contains dongle protection: Yes.