Contra Spirits (Sample Prototype)

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Title Screen
Contra Spirits (Sample Prototype)
Dump status Released
Origin EPROM cartridge
Labels RS 004
Ownership Jaxsbox (2015-current), private owner (?-current), others
Game Contra Spirits
System SNES
Genre run-n-gun
Download Contra Spirits (Sample Prototype) (info)
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A store demo version of Contra Spirits. Konami did a similar service with many of their Famicom games, including the first Contra. 3 copies are known to exist; there are likely others. This is currently the only SFC title made by Konami known to have a store demo version. The demo itself is structured very similarly to Konami's Famicom samples, providing a small portion of the game to play before ad messages appear; however, this one is more elaborate and uses a slightly earlier build of Contra Spirits.


  • Title screen, shown above, is different and states that this is a demo version. The options menu, while present in the game, is inaccessible from here.
  • Booting the game, the player is presented with 2 choices; whether or not the game is released. This determines the various advertisement messages shown throughout the sample.
  • Intro and ending sequences don't play.
  • Advertisement messages appear after each attract demo, and also after completing the playable portion of the demo. Again, the ones displayed depends on the choice made at startup.
  • Different attract demos; especially the first one, which demonstrates all the weapons/powerups, with text that lists all of them overlaying the screen. The starting area of the first stage has been modified to include all the powerups for this demonstration.
  • Only stage 3 is playable, and not fully; the only difficulty setting is easy mode and this setting is displayed on the intermission screen before the stage. Slight differences in the stage itself (powerup locations, dangers, etc.).
  • A control layout screen appears after the stage intermission screen.
  • Like the Famicom samples, most of the rest of the game is in fact present in the ROM, despite being inaccessible by normal means. The settings in the options menu have no real effect. The other levels are accessible, though they display various oddities; stage 6, especially, where the graphics for most of the starting area appears corrupt due to being removed to add all the promo stuff.