Contra Advance (Review Prototype)

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Title Screen
Contra Advance (Review Prototype)
Dump status Released
Dumped by Prototector
Released by Prototector
File release date Jun 21, 2016
Origin Flash cartridge
Dump method DS+Acekard 2i+GBA Backup Tool
Ownership DreamTR (?), qixmaster (?-2014, Prototector (2014-2015), Jaxsbox (2015-current)
Game Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX
System Game Boy Advance
Genre run-n-gun
Download Contra Advance (Review Prototype) (info)
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A surprisingly early/different prototype version of Contra Advance: The Alien Wars EX for being a review copy. The subtitle was not even added yet at this point, the initial title being chosen as early as the E3 preview video.


  • Subtle functionality differences, such as menu selection, prompts, gameplay scripts, bugs/glitches, performance, missing logos and screens.
  • Various text differences.
  • Stage select for 1 player mode (possibly retained in final version).
  • Graphical differences, such as simpler animations/sequences; same with audio.
  • Bosses and enemies are much weaker and generally easier to defeat on the easy mode compared to normal here than in the final; they're also generally easier to defeat overall (with one exception, explained below).
  • 2 player mode works at this point, but with bugs and missing messages.
  • At least one difference per stage, ranging from audio/visuals to stage elements to gameplay elements. The most interesting is how close stage 5 is to its source material, being a stage from Contra: Hard Corps. In the final, enemies and bosses are functionally simplified to reduce their difficulty to balance the game. In this prototype, this is not the case; they behave like their source counterparts, making the stage much more difficult.
  • Graphics/sprites from Contra: Hard Corps are present in this version that might not be in the final. One example is the appearance of Dr. Geo Mandrake in the fifth level, which occurs in a rare and seemingly random glitch that hangs the game. He's not at all part of the (essentially nonexistent) plot to the game.
  • Incomplete endings in all scenarios; the endings themselves are glitched and/or simpler.


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