Contra (Sample Prototype)

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Title Screen
Contra (Sample Prototype)
Dump status Released
Dumped by Chris Covell
Released by Chris Covell
Origin EPROM cartridge
Labels Konami; RC826; SAMPLE
Dump method Tape Dump
Ownership Chris Covell, others
Game Contra
System NES
Genre side scrolling shooter
Download Contra (Sample Prototype) (info)
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Konami distributed samples of many of their Famicom games to stores in Japan. Usually, only a small part of the game is playable from the start before messages appear prompting the player to buy it. Copies of Contra occasionally appear on Yahoo Japan Auctions. There might be at least 47 copies of this Contra sample, if the numbers marked on some of the labels are something to go by.


  • After beating the stage 2 boss, the game is interrupted by a series of messages (shown below) with gunfire and intermission sound effects.
  • Most of the game is in fact present in the data, and the later stages can be reached by Game Genie or Action Replay codes. However, some of the sprites are corrupted because they were removed to put the ad messages.




Mike of Nintendoplayer for the game screenshots and bringing this prototype to light.