Contra: Shattered Soldier (Jul 1, 2002 prototype)

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Title Screen
Contra: Shattered Soldier (Jul 1, 2002 prototype)
Build date Jul 1, 2002 11:15:30
Build name 7-01-02
Dump status Released, redump needed
File release date October 25, 2020
Origin CD-R
Labels Contra Shattered Soldier 7-01-02
Dump method CloneCD
Game Contra: Shattered Soldier
System PlayStation 2
Genre Run and gun
Final build JP Aug 22, 2002
EU Sep 26, 2002
US Aug 22, 2002
Release date JP Nov 14, 2002
US Oct 22, 2002
EU Feb 14, 2003
Download Contra: Shattered Soldier (Jul 1, 2002 prototype) (info)
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A prototype of Contra: Shattered Soldier for the Sony PlayStation 2. It was originally released a few months before the US release, by the scene group 1-Hit Wonderz.


  • This beta can be tweaked to run more or less flawlessly. However, when it first leaked, there had been issues reported by many people in getting it to work. For example, the game wouldn't run if a memory card was inserted in slot 1 of the PS2.
  • Not confirmed, but there are reports that only the first 5 of the 7 levels in the final release are present.
  • Also not confirmed, but the Konami code apparently does not work.