Contra: Legacy of War (Jan 28, 1997 Prototype)

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Title Screen
Contra: Legacy of War (Jan 28, 1997 Prototype)
Build date Jan 28, 1997
Dump status Released
Dumped by Prototector
Released by Prototector
Origin CD-R
Labels CONTRA LEGACY OF WAR; 1/28/97; 005; Sega Saturn; KONAMI
Dump method PowerISO
Ownership Ianoid (?-2013), Prototector (2013-current)
Game Contra: Legacy of War
System Sega Saturn
Genre Run-n-gun
Release date US 1997
Download Contra: Legacy of War (Jan 28, 1997 Prototype) (info)
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A review prototype of Contra: Legacy of War for Sega Saturn, dated a month before release. The game was originally released on the PS1 and the Saturn port is mostly the same. Therefore little had to be done with game assets to translate it to the Saturn.

There are allegedly 2 copies of this prototype, though only one is confirmed to exist.


The Cutting Room Floor research
  • Some letters, such as A, are missing in text.
  • Pretty much just porting errors.