Big Air (Jun 15, 1998 prototype)

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Title Screen
Big Air (Jun 15, 1998 prototype)
Build date Jun 15, 1998 13:37:16
Build name Preview
Dump status Released, redump needed
Released by Hidden Palace
File release date April 17, 2021
Origin CD-R
Lot Project Deluge
Labels Big Air Preview Only
Dump method PLEXTOR DVDR PX-716UF 1.11 03/23/07 15:10 (CloneCD)
Game Big Air
System PlayStation
Genre Snowboarding
Final build JP Unreleased
EU Feb 17, 1999
US Feb 21, 1999
Release date JP Unreleased
EU Feb 17, 1999
US Feb 28, 1999
Download Big Air (Jun 15, 1998 prototype) (info)
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Download Big Air (Jun 15, 1998 prototype) from external mirror

A prototype of Big Air for the PlayStation.


  • Different "Pitbull" logo sequence after bootup; and the other title cards are out of order.
  • No intro FMV, it goes straight to the main menu
  • Different main menu. The background here can also be affected if you skip the starting logos, with them being stuck on-screen
  • Different loading screen
  • Very difficult to control, especially steering
  • Pausing during gameplay just abruptly ends the race
  • Miscellaneous Notes:
    • Game is emulatable: Yes (as of April 17, 2021).
    • Game contains dongle protection: No.
    • Game contains debugging symbols: N/A
    • Dump was originally scrambled: No




File Type Date Size SHA-1
PSX - Big Air Preview Only.img File 2020-12-15 09:48:23 128.08 MB 69ca57d16d72b22ad4d95ad61a1033a6c1ab8ba3
PSX - Big Air Preview Only.cue File 2020-12-15 09:45:50 90 bytes 20ef3add3a2b375794494989a2c551c4c6e1c06a
PSX - Big Air Preview Only.ccd File 2020-12-15 09:45:50 772 bytes 53583ff50372167af154219c2694b65c2889167c
PSX - Big Air Preview Only.sub File 2020-12-15 09:48:33 5.23 MB 75faa64cfe091fb10c899e81413bc14b67f1702c
PSX - Big Air Preview Only.jpeg File 2021-03-14 12:12:53 1.83 MB 20c5db0a28caf777b2d38501202f1dd12f567d10


A huge thanks to Iniche for doing the initial research on this prototype!

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