Beyond: Two Souls (Nov 6, 2012 prototype)

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Title Screen
Beyond: Two Souls (Nov 6, 2012 prototype)
Build date Nov 6, 2012 19:44:26
Dump status Released, redump needed
Released by Kempy161
File release date December 19, 2023
Origin BD-R
Game Beyond: Two Souls
System PlayStation 3
Genre Interactive drama, action-adventure
Final build JP Aug 28, 2013
EU Aug 28, 2013
US Aug 28, 2013
Release date NA Oct 8, 2013
PAL Oct 9, 2013
UK Oct 11, 2013
Download Beyond: Two Souls (Nov 6, 2012 prototype) (info)
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Download Beyond: Two Souls (Nov 6, 2012 prototype) from external mirror

This is a pre-release PS3 build of Beyond: Two Souls. It was created as a test build in November of 2012 (11 months before release).


  • Two Souls 2012 Build loads, but crashes if the user tries to skip past the second scene with debug tools.
  • The first scene is incomplete, only loading assets with no scripting triggered. To proceed to the next scene, you must use the Debug Menu (L3) to skip ahead.
  • The opening scene is different than in the final release. It depicts the apocalyptic scenario from the final release's endings, from the POV of a highway overpass overlooking a destroyed metropolis.
  • The second scene, with Jody (the protagonist) being spoken to by the kindly sheriff appears to have finished English voiceover and mocap work intact, almost 1:1 with the final release.
  • Works at least in version 0.0.31-16206-77485747 Alpha of rpcs3. Lots of graphical rendering errors though, especially lighting and shaders.