Batman (Aug 1989 prototype)

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Title Screen
Batman (Aug 1989 prototype)
Build date Aug 1989
Dump status Released
Dumped by Skrybe
Released by Skrybe
File release date April 15, 2012
Origin EPROM cartridge
EPROMs 2x Toshiba TC571001D-20
Labels NES Batman CHR Ver 0.0 8-89/972E8E (CHR EPROM)
NES Batman PRG-AE29A4 Ver 0.0 8-89 (PRG EPROM)
Game Batman
System NES
Genre Action
Final build JP Dec 22, 1989
EU Sep 14, 1990
US Feb 13, 1990
Download Batman (Aug 1989 prototype) (info)
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A later version of Batman that barely seems to pre-date the final version. The main difference is some cheat codes seem to be active still.

Debug Controls

Press the following button(s) on controller 2 to activate these features:

  • A - Skips to the next stage
  • B - Refills health/turns on invincibility
  • Down - Freezes gameplay
  • Right + B - Turns off invincibility