Banana (Jun 30, 1986 prototype)

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Title Screen
Banana (Jun 30, 1986 prototype)
Build date Jun 30, 1986
Dump status Released
Dumped by CoinCollector
Released by CoinCollector
File release date January 3, 2016
Origin EPROM cartridge
EPROMs 2x blank no sticker
Labels バナナ (6/30) ビクター音楽産業(株)- Banana (6/30) Victor Musical Industries (Inc.)
Game Banana
System NES
Genre Puzzle
Release date JP Sep 8, 1986
Download Banana (Jun 30, 1986 prototype) (info)
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A prototype of Banana for the Famicom.


The Cutting Room Floor research
  • No attract mode at the title screen, the characters loop the animation sequence.
  • No game-over screen.
  • Cheats are missing.
  • Text is white instead of warm yellow.
  • Some graphics are altered.
  • Select screen lacks a stage counter.



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